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Blob Store (S3)


This is a client that only connects to non-Cosmonic, external services.

Amazon S3 is one of the most popular cloud-hosted blob stores available. It is a popular choice because if its ubiquity and ease of use. This capability provider is an implementation of the wasmcloud:blobstore contract. To add this to your constellation, use the following OCI reference URL:


The following is a brief list of just some of the configuration options available. For full details, please see the wasmCloud S3 provider documentation.

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_IDRequired AWS access key ID. See AWS documentation for how to obtain this.
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYRequired AWS secret access key. See AWS documentation for how to obtain this.
AWS_SESSION_TOKENOptional session token.
AWS_REGIONOptional region indicator.
AWS_ENDPOINTOptional alternative AWS endpoint (useful for testing with products like MinIO, do not use in production)