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Wormhole-Aware HTTP Server

Your constellation within Cosmonic is a secure and private area for all of your application components. Traffic cannot flow from the outside world into your constellation without going through an open and configured wormhole.

Because of this, if you want an actor to expose functionality over HTTP that is accessible to the Internet, you will want to use the Cosmonic wormhole-aware HTTP server capability provider when deploying on Cosmonic-managed resources.

Running this Capability Provider

To launch this provider, head to the logic view, click Provider+ and input the following OCI reference URL in the launch provider dialog:


The Cosmonic wormhole-aware HTTP server needs no configuration. You can leave the link definition values blank on the link dialog.

Do not confuse the Cosmonic wormhole web server with the open source HTTP Server. See the Operations section below for guidance on when to use them.


It is fairly common to want to use a "regular" HTTP server when you are developing locally, and use the "real" wormhole-aware provider when running inside your production constellation. This is extremely easy to do. When running locally, you can start the wasmCloud HTTP Server provider and bind it to your actor. Then, when running in Cosmonic, you can use the wormhole-aware provider without having to recompile or redeploy.

Note that you will need an open wormhole linked to your actor and provider to access the endpoint from the Internet. For information on how to do this, see our managing wormholes section.