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Key-Value Store (Vault)

Cosmonic-managed Provider

This is a client that only connects to non-Cosmonic, external services.

HashiCorp Vault is an application that facilitates the management of secrets and sensitive data. Vault exposes a number of interface APIs, but this capability provider treats a remote vault as though it were a key-value store. To start this provider in your constellation, use the following OCI reference URL:

For more information on how to configure and operate this provider, please see the wasmCloud Vault KV provider documentation.


tokenRequired. Token for authenticated access.
addrURL for connecting to the vault, such as 'https://server:8200'. This address must be accessible from the public internet and may not be localhost or any other non-routable IP.
mountOptional mount point for key space. If not specified, secret/ is used.

The open source version of this provider currently only accepts certificates as paths on a file system. During the open beta there is no way to supply this provider with custom certificates, so basic HTTPS or HTTP are the only means of connecting to Vault at the moment.

For convenience, link setting names may be provided in uppercase or lowercase.