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Message Broker (NATS)

Cosmonic-managed Provider

This is a client that only connects to non-Cosmonic, external services.

NATS is a lightweight, industrial-strength message broker that has a reputation for providing powerful building blocks for platform creators, and being one of the few brokers in this space that "just works".

To start this provider in your constellation, use the following OCI reference URL:


To configure this provider, use the following link settings in link definitions:

SUBSCRIPTIONA comma-separated list of subscription topics. If a subscription is a queue subscription, follow the subscription with "|" and the queue group name. For example, the setting,example.task|work_queue subscribes to the topic and the topic example.task in the queue group work_queue.
URINATS connection URI. You must specify this value and it must be publicly accessible. It cannot be a local or non-routable IP.
CLIENT_JWTOptional JWT auth token. For JWT authentication, both CLIENT_JWT and CLIENT_SEED must be provided.
CLIENT_SEEDPrivate seed for JWT authentication.

For more details on this provider, see the wasmCloud NATS provider documentation.