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Deploying your Application


To start an actor on Cosmonic, the actor must be a signed module, with claims information attached. Actors are automatically signed as part of cosmo build. If you haven't built anything yet, you may want to check out our getting started guide


Hint: you can always check if an OCI reference is publicly accessible by inspecting its claims. You can also see what capabilities the actor declares, so you know exactly what the actor is allowed to do.

cosmo inspect

Deploying a Signed Module

Once your actor is signed, there are two ways you can deploy it:

The easiest and quickest way to deploy an actor is with launch command. cosmo launch will check for a signed actor module in the target directory and start it on a local wasmCloud host connected to your constellation.


Since cosmo launch starts actors on a local wasmCloud host, if you stop this host, all actors (and providers) running on it will be terminated. If you need your application to continue running independent of your local system, consider starting your actors on a Cosmonic-managed host from a public OCI registry. You can refer to the other set of instructions above for how to upload your actor to a public GitHub registry.