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2022-11-09 Super Constellations

Super Constellations is the first major release after the developer preview release and allows Cosmonic users to connect any infrastructure to their Cosmonic network.

As detailed in our release blog, when you join Cosmonic, you get your very own constellation. This constellation is a managed wasmCloud lattice: a self-healing, self-forming, flat topology network that supports all of your distributed computing needs.

This release also includes the cosmo command line interface, with the following initial commands:

loginLog into Cosmonic to access your constellations, securely downloading credentials to authenticate this machine.
upStart a NATS leaf and wasmCloud host connected to Cosmonic, forming a Super Constellation.
downStop the wasmCloud host and NATS leaf launched by up.

We've personally used super constellations to design demos that seamlessly span public clouds, dynamically route machine learning workloads to edge devices, and develop a local application with a publicly accessible DNS endpoint. We're excited to see what you do with them!