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2022-12-06 Release notes for December 2022


cosmo launch is the newest addition to the cosmo CLI. This command will "launch" a signed actor to a local wasmCloud host running as part of your super constellation, enabling rapid iteration of your code.

New to cosmo? Check out the tutorial flow by running cosmo tutorial, which will take you through all the steps you need to set up local development, launch a tutorial actor, link it to capability providers, and expose it over HTTP via a wormhole.


There are a lot of changes in the UI for this release so make sure you take a look around! Here are some of the key changes:

  • Copying wormhole addresses is easier thanks to the copy button
  • Links to glossary terms have been added around the UI
  • Using search now only dims non-matching results instead of removing
  • Creating actors and providers from the infrastructure view is now possible by using the (+) buttons on the host panel
  • Creating links is more intuitive; only valid targets will highlight
  • Modals and forms are more consistent across the app in regards to keyboard experience and button placement