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2023-01-11 The cosmo Quickstart

cosmo CLI

We're starting off the new year with a whole suite of functionality for the cosmo CLI including a variety of functionality from the wash library and an additional guided command-line tutorial, hello. For anyone looking into Cosmonic for the first time, the cosmo tutorial hello command will walk you through creating a project, deploying it with a public HTTPS endpoint, and how to start iterating with cosmo launch.

In addition to the new tutorial, cosmo now has the ability to generate new actor projects with cosmo new actor. This is a painless way to get started with your ideas, as you'll be able to start projects simply with cosmo new, cosmo up, cosmo launch. We'll be adding more and more templates to generate projects from to expand the list of capabilities you can generate scaffolds for.


To simplify the on-boarding process, our previous quickstart is now the product tour and the new quickstart takes you through the above hello tutorial. This allows users to go through a progressing example and get started immediately with local code they can modify and deploy.


Since our last release we've fixed an issue where pinch-zooming on specific canvas nodes could make navigation difficult.