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2023-02-10 Reliability February

Breaking Changes

This release includes a few breaking changes to super constellation hosts and will require you to upgrade those hosts using the cosmo CLI. We've taken care of your resources on Cosmonic managed hosts, simply follow the upgrade steps below for any super constellation hosts and you'll be good to go.

This release of Cosmonic includes a variety of improvements to our underlying wasmCloud hosts, including fixes for TinyGo Wasm signing, reduced memory footprint, and greater reliability for link definitions and claims by using NATS Key/Value buckets. These changes are backwards compatible for configuration and running applications, however wasmCloud hosts that are older than v0.60.0 will no longer receive updates to link definitions that are newly created.

Migrating a Super Constellation Host

On any machine where you have a super constellation host connected to your Cosmonic constellation, follow these steps to properly migrate to the latest version.

First, download the latest cosmo using the install script in the Quickstart. You should see a message indicating an upgrade from your current version to 0.8.x, which is the proper version.

⚠️ Detected a current install of cosmo with version cosmo 0.7.0. The new version is cosmo 0.8.1. Would you like to install the new version? [y/n]

After installing the latest version of cosmo, you'll need to stop the currently running host and replace it with a newer version. This will stop all actors and capability providers on that host, so take care to run additional copies on another host to avoid service disruption.

You can stop all locally running hosts with cosmo down --all. After stopping the host, simply run cosmo up to launch another host with the updated version.

Take care to repeat this process for each host in your constellation, and that's it! If you run into any issues during this process, please message us on Discord or reach out via


We've got a few new shinies in the UI this release!

  • The Cosmonic application homepage now looks a little nicer, and if you mouse over Launch you can accelerate your starfield
  • The console now features color-coded logs and bolder messages for easier reading
  • Wormholes no longer display a status color and instead indicate if they are open or closed with icons