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Diagnose errors and find solutions.

Can't see your issue?

During the open beta we are gathering evidence and patterns to help fill out this section. If your issue isn't shown here, please send an email to with your error details and GitHub username. We'll work with you to resolve the problem, diagnose the source of the issue and improve the platform.

Open Beta

Heads up! Cosmonic is currently available as an open beta. We are doing our best to keep everything stable so you can have a great experience. However, you should not run production workloads on the platform at this time. Your constellation state (including hosts, actors, and providers) may be reset without notice as we perform upgrades. Please feel free to reach out on Discord or via if you run into any problems!

I Can't Log In

If you're unable to log in, please reach out on Discord or via

No Constellations

When logging in, if you see an error toast containing "No constellations found for user", this means that there were no constellations found associated with your Cosmonic account. This requires opening a support ticket to resolve. Please send an email to with the GitHub username that you used to sign in.