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To run cosmo connect k8s command below, you will need the following:

When you run cosmo connect k8s, it will:

  1. Connect to your Cosmonic Constellation, prompting you to login if you have not already.
  2. Attempt to establish a connection to locally configured Kubernetes credentials by checking for existence of KUBECONFIG environment variable and then ~/.kube/config file.
  3. Configure and deploy [cosmo-controller][cosmo-controller] into the Kubernetes cluster using the locally configured credentials.
  4. Deploy a set of wasmCloud hosts using the bundled CosmonicHostConfig CRD to the specified namespace (or default namespace if no namespace is provided).
  5. Deploy Kubernetes Applier Capability Provider and Kubernetes Applier Actor as a wadm-managed applications into your constellation, which will help expose any HTTP-based actors as services inside of your Kubernetes cluster

Once completed, the output from running the command should look similar to the following:

cosmo connect k8s
Successfully connected to constellation [<your-constellation-id>]
 Successfully connected to k8s cluster
 Successfully configured controller
Host labels:
 Successfully started wasmcloud hosts
 Wadm manifest deployed. You can check deployment status at
🔗 Kubernetes cluster successfully connected!
🚀 Open Cosmonic ( to interact with your Kubernetes hosts.

You can see your newly deployed hosts running in the Cosmonic UI.