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Cosmonic doesn't depend on Kubernetes to run, but it works perfectly well with Kubernetes! This section of the documentation is dedicated to helping you get started with Cosmonic on Kubernetes, especially meant for developers who have an existing Kubernetes cluster to deploy to.

In the getting started guide, we walked through the process of installing the Cosmonic CLI cosmo and using cosmo up to launch a local host runtime to deploy WebAssembly components on. If you don't have cosmo installed yet, check that link for the install command and come right back here.

Turns out, cosmo up is simply an alias for cosmo connect local, connecting your local machine into your Cosmonic constellation. To run Cosmonic inside of Kubernetes, simply use cosmo connect k8s to install the Cosmonic controller into your Kubernetes cluster.

> cosmo connect --help
Connect to external services and deploy actors

Usage: cosmo connect [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>

  k8s    Connect your Kubernetes cluster to Cosmonic!
             This will install the cosmo-controller on your Kubernetes cluster and allow you to manage
             wasmCloud hosts connected to Cosmonic using a single CRD.
             Note that we only build the cosmo-controller images for Linux.
  local  Connect cosmo to local constellation
  help   Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)