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Serving Files over HTTP with Blobby

About the Application

Blobby is a demonstration file server showing the basic CRUD operations of the wasmcloud:blobstore contract. By connecting it to the HTTP Server capability, the application can receive and serve files over the web using GET, POST, and DELETE requests. Since wasmCloud works on any platform, this file server could be on a local Linux box, a Raspberry Pi, a MacBook, in an AWS/Azure/GCP virtual machine, or anywhere else!

Architecture and Design

This application consists of a single actor bound to the HTTP Server and Blobstore capabilities. It is designed be called via HTTP to upload, get, modify, and delete files.

Blobby design


ActorContractProvider Implementation
Blobbywasmcloud:httpserverHTTP Server Provider
Blobbywasmcloud:blobstoreBlobstore-FS Provider

Source Code

The code for this actor can be found in the wasmCloud examples repository.