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Cosmo App

Cosmo app is used to manage all your applications deployed using wadm. It provides with all the necessary tools to retrieve, add, remove and inspect all the details of your deployed as well as undeployed applications. Following are the subcommands available under cosmo app.

  • list
  • get
  • history
  • delete
  • put
  • deploy
  • undeploy


This will retrieve a list of all applications that wadm knows about. Application specifications (also referred to in our documentation and code as "models") are stored in a model store and are associated to constellations.


cosmo app list


The get command is used to retrieve the details for a specific version of a model.You can retrieve both the original text (e.g. YAML) that you submitted and the vetted and normalized model in JSON format.


cosmo app get <name> [version]
cosmo app get petclinic 0.0.1


The history command is used to retrieve the version history of a given model. You can view all the previous versions available in store and their respective status for a given app.


cosmo app history <name>
cosmo app history petclinic


The delete command is used to delete an application model of a specific version. You can optionally delete all versions of a specification as well.


cosmo app delete <name> <version>
cosmo app delete petclinic 0.0.1
cosmo app delete petclinic --delete-all


Performs an idempotent put operation for an application specification version. Spec versions are immutable. If you wish to change the contents of a spec, you must submit a new version.


cosmo app put <SOURCE>
cosmo app put petclinic.yaml


When a version of an application specification is deployed, wadm will start monitoring the state of your constellation. Wadm will compare the desired state of an application with its current state and issue the appropriate commands to reconcile the state.


cosmo app deploy <name> [version]
cosmo app deploy petclinic v0.0.1


Undeploying an application spec tells wadm to stop monitoring that deployment. Wadm supports destructive as well as non-destructive undeploys. By default, all resources originally provisioned for an application will be removed after that application is undeployed.


cosmo app undeploy <name>
cosmo app undeploy petclinic
cosmo app undeploy petclinic --non-destructive