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Cosmo Get

Cosmo get helps you in retrieving information about your lattice. It can help you retrieve all the links in the lattice, hosts, their inventories and claims. Following are the subcommands available under cosmo get:

  • links
  • hosts
  • inventory
  • claims

This subcommand will retrieve all the known links in the lattice. It will give you information about them such as the link name, the associated actor and provider ID and its contract ID.


cosmo get links


This subcommand retrieves all the hosts currently running in the lattice. You will be able to view each hosts host ID and its up time.


cosmo get hosts


This subcommand queries the inventory for all the hosts running in the lattice. You may retrieve the inventory for a single host by passing that host's ID as an argument.


cosmo get inventory
cosmo get inventory <your-host-ID>


This subcommand queries the lattice for its claims cache. It retrieves the issuer, subject, associated capabilities, version and revision for all the claims.


cosmo get claims