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Your apps deserve better

Cosmonic is the Universal Application Platform, powered by wasmCloud.

  • Distribute your app in cross-cloud, edge, on-prem, on-device deployments with wasmCloud
  • Write shared code once and re-use in any language that compiles to Wasm
  • Zero downtime upgrades without recompiling through runtime-configuration

How does it work?

Build your app using reusable components in any language
Focus on writing only business logic. Build Wasm components with interfaces, and stop re-implementing non-functional requirements. Make use of platform capabilities, existing team components, or open source solutions.
Define your application requirements and configuration as code
Use application manifests to describe requirements. Eliminate the need for recompiling by swapping components and configuration at runtime.
Deploy everywhere and scale automatically through orchestration
wasmCloud is designed to run anywhere—including on your existing infrastructure. Deploy to a VPS, Kubernetes cluster, on-prem datacenter, or even private edge devices. Our wadm orchestrator lets you define where different parts of your application should run.

Focus on your unique business needs

Stop wasting time rewriting the same non-functional requirements. We’ll handle the boring stuff, so you can focus on staying ahead of your competition. By building the various parts of your applications as WebAssembly components, you can write apps in the right language for your team.

Focus on writing the right code

By utilizing WASI interfaces, you can make use of the built-in capabilities that Cosmonic provides and stop re-implementing the same functionality for every project.

Get APIs for free

Writing your code using interfaces enables isolation and re-use of existing code in other parts of your application, giving other teams a well documented API.
Built-In Platform Capabilities
Key-Value Store
HTTP Client
HTTP Server
Blob Storage
SQL Database

Taking distributed applications further

Distributed applications aren’t limited to just cloud and edge locations. With Cosmonic, you can build hyper-distributed applications by deploying them to any cloud, any edge and any device; even on-prem solutions and customer hardware.
Self-forming and self-healing Compute Mesh
By building on top of the NATS project, you can connect any remote host into your lattice, which is self-forming, self-healing, and offers a flat network topology.
Cross-cloud and Multi-Device Deployments
With purpose-built tools, you can make use of Wasm-native orchestration to deploy each part of your application to any edge, cloud, or device, with declarative manifests.
Compile Once for Many Architectures
Wasm is made to be portable. Compile your components once, and run them anywhere.

Why WebAssembly?


Keep your microservices micro

A typical containerized microservice often exceeds 400MB. With Wasm, this shrinks to 2MB or less.

Secure by default

Wasm code executes in a secure sandbox separate from the host. Stop worrying about shared memory and resource exploits.

Write in your team‘s language

Write apps in the languages your team already knows. With components, assemble your team‘s common building blocks in any language.
  • javascript
  • typescript
  • rust
  • go
  • c
  • c-sharp
  • python
  • zig

Open Source at the Core

Cosmonic is the hosted solution for wasmCloud, an open source CNCF project. wasmCloud supports WebAssembly Components and WASI, meaning your code is vendor-agnostic.
About wasmCloud

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