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Distributed applications, better.

Leverage the power and flexibility of WebAssembly. Simply build complex apps and deploy anywhere, at scale, in minutes.

Epochs of Tech

Write the Right Code

  • Achieve more with wasmCloud

  • Run on any device, anywhere, and connect them all

  • Total flexibility

The next wave of computing

Cosmonic believes the future will be built with WebAssembly components. Build, compose, and re-use secure building blocks to simplify development and scale applications across every device, cloud, and edge.

Orders of Magnitude Smaller

Actors are a few hundred KB. You read that right.

Less Code to Write, Less to Maintain

Focus on your core logic. Leave the boilerplate out.

Increased Productivity

Reduce the costs of maintenance and increase availability, compliance, and scalability.

Portable Security

Run securely from edge to edge, in a deny-by-default, secure, stateless, and reactive sandbox.

Where We Are Stellar

Off Machine Data Processing

Capture data at the edge in an IoT device or monitoring station, and process it in another location seamlessly. Cosmonic enables you to write dependency free code and run it both centrally and out at the edge.

Testing and Simulations

Remove the need for test clusters. Using Cosmonic you can simulate any environment locally by hot swapping providers — no code changes required!

Distributed Event Driven Systems

Building distributed eventing systems is hard. Cosmonic makes it easy to build and deploy event driven systems that can run distributed across the globe. wasmCloud and Cosmonic take all the hassle of distributing and running your application, allowing you to focus on your code.

Reduce Your Compute Costs

Rather than running large compute clusters, use the devices you have, joining them together into a single network. Shift your workloads around to unused compute resources, reducing your costs - all without changing a line of code, even out to the edge.
Developer writes business logic, and the Platform provides everything else