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From a simple idea to running your apps anywhere, at scale, in minutes, Cosmonic is the lightweight, low-boilerplate platform that radically simplifies the development lifecycle.

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# Install openssl@1.1
brew install openssl@1.1
# Install cosmo
bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
# Launch 🚀
cosmo tutorial hello

The first, feature-rich WebAssembly PaaS

  • From Sketch to Scale

  • Any Cloud, Any edge, at Any scale

  • Untangle Dev & Ops

Battle-tested tools

Cosmonic simplifies application developments by giving developers secure, composable and reusable building blocks that scale applications across every device, cloud, and edge.

200 Times Smaller

Actors compile and deploy from 2KB - 2MB vs. more than 4GB using Java Spring Boot

95% LESS Source Code

Cosmonic simplifies code and configuration so you can write the right code instead of maintaining boilerplate

10x Dev Productivity

Reduce cost of maintenance, availability, compliance, and scalability

Portable Security

Applications run securely from edge to edge. All code runs in a deny-by-default, secure, stateless, and reactive sandbox