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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common and frequently asked questions.

What is Cosmonic?

Cosmonic is a platform designed for developers, by developers. With Cosmonic, you can design, build and run your applications without fear or risk of tightly coupling to databases, services, resources or to any one scaling strategy. Assemble your applications from re-usable, composable components and run constellations of code everywhere in a few clicks. With Cosmonic, taking your application from concept to production is a delightful experience.

What technology does Cosmonic run on?

Cosmonic is powered by wasmCloud and constellations are sewn together using NATS. Portable, tiny, secure distributed compute is powered by WebAssembly and our open source engine is built with a combination of Elixir and Rust.

For more information about our technology journey, stay up to date with our blog.

What kinds of apps can I deploy on Cosmonic?

Whether you want to deploy a single monolith or spread tiny components across multiple infrastructures, clouds and edges, you can build it on Cosmonic. You can build, deploy, and manage data-driven apps, machine learning components, RESTful APIs, backends for games or complex, real-time systems, and virtually anything else you can dream up.

How much does it cost?

While we are in the Open Beta, we are excited to offer Cosmonic for free to everyone. We aim to keep a free tier in the long run and are still working out what our final model will be.

What does "Open Beta" mean?

Cosmonic is currently in an open beta. This means we are doing our best to keep everything stable so you can have a great experience. However, you should not run production workloads on the platform at this time without consulting with us about your specific needs. If you are interested in running in production, contact us for a demo.

If you are using the open beta, Your constellation state (including hosts, actors, link definitions, and providers) may be reset without notice as we perform upgrades though this will always be done as a last resort. Please feel free to reach out via if you run into any problems!

What are my resource limits?

The Cosmonic open beta includes a few limits that constrain the number of resources that can be launched on Cosmonic managed infrastructure. The current limits are:

  • 1 Cosmonic managed host
  • 5 Total Super Constellation NATS leaf nodes
  • 5 Providers per Cosmonic managed host
  • 25 Actors per Cosmonic managed host

Exceeding these limits will result in an error message but won't incur any other penalty. If you have a specific application in mind that needs more than these limits, reach out to us on Discord or via the support email.

Why does my wormhole show a 502 page?

Wormholes often show 502 errors when the actor is no longer running behind that wormhole. Ensure that your actor and your HTTP Server Wormhole provider are still running.

Why does my wormhole show a 404 page?

Wormholes can show a 404 page when the wormhole does not exist, the wormhole is in the closed state, or if the wormhole is configured to require authentication and no bearer token is provided. If your wormhole is configured with authentication you will not be able to access the endpoint in the browser, you'll need to make an HTTP request with a client that supports headers and provide the Authorization header. For example, with cURL:

# Template
curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' <WORMHOLE_URL>`
# Example
curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer d9ac516b-7a2e-4cfa-b377-442bccc66d8d'`

Can actors call each other without a provider?

Yes! This is one of the most powerful aspects of Cosmonic. You can specify a call alias for any actor, and invoke it by its alias. This invocation will happen in local-optimized fashion and will work no matter where either of the actors are. You don't need to worry about discovery or client proxies or any of that mess. For more details, check out the wasmCloud documentation for actor-to-actor calls.