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wasmCloud Kubernetes

wasmCloud is designed to fit seamlessly into existing cloud native ecosystems, integrating with Kubernetes using an operator to take full advantage of components and WASI APIs without re-platforming.

Compatible with K8s—not dependent on it

The WebAssembly component model enables a new world of composable, language-agnostic applications. But components aren’t containers. In order to take full advantage of the component model’s composability and interoperability, an orchestrator needs to be tailored to the WebAssembly ecosystem—not shoehorned in. wasmCloud uses the operator pattern and the open source wasmcloud-operator to smoothly interoperate with Kubernetes.

We can achieve smooth interoperability with Kubernetes and wasmCloud by using the operator pattern and the open source wasmcloud-operator.

diagram showing wasm components running inside of containerd-shims inside of pods in a kubernetes cluster
diagram showing wasm components running on wasmCloud hosts inside of kubernetes clusters, IOT devices, edge devices, private cloud; all running on the same mesh network

Running wasmCloud alongside Kubernetes lets you take advantage of WebAssembly on Kubernetes without accepting artificial limits, and decoupling your WebAssembly functionality from your K8s clusters themselves keeps your system as flexible and maintainable as possible.

Don’t take it from us, we’ve got been working with Adobe for a number of years.

Better Together: A Kubernetes and Wasm case study

Wasm components, cloud native standards

Up and down the stack, wasmCloud is designed to just work with cloud native standards.

Open Policy Agent

wasmCloud’s policy service API makes it easy to communicate with external policy servers using engines like Open Policy Agent.


wasmCloud emits OpenTelemetry signals for traces, logs, and metrics, compatible with your favorite observability tooling.


Develop Backstage plugins with any language using Cosmonic Labs’ bigband project.

Works well with Argo CD

Smoothly integrate Argo CD for GitOps flow using our concordance-gitops example.

Pull from OCI registries

wasmCloud pulls Wasm components packaged as Open Container Initiative (OCI) images—so it’s simple to store application components and providers in your existing private registries.

Open Application Model (OAM)

wasmCloud manifests use the same Open Application Model specification in many different extensions to Kubernetes. If you’ve worked with K8s, you should be right at home.

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