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Welcome, Cosmonaut!

Welcome to Cosmonic!

We're excited to have you here to imagine, create, and scale your applications beyond the cloud. The documentation here serves as a home for guides, tutorials, reference applications, and answers to common questions about Cosmonic.

Start here

For the best introduction to building apps on Cosmonic, follow the Quickstart guide.

Learning More

  • Building with Cosmonic for those who have completed the quick start or are already using wasmCloud, this takes you further down the journey of building your apps on Cosmonic.

  • Things to Build walks you through the wide range of supported application architectures, and how to build and run them on Cosmonic.

  • The Capabilities section details each of the capabilities supported by Cosmonic. If you aren't sure of what capabilities are yet, it's worth going back to the Quickstart

FAQ, Troubleshooting, and Feedback

The Reference Guide gives an overview of everything from how to manage your resources in the Cosmonic UI to how to develop and deploy your applications using the CLI.

If you have any questions, the FAQ section and nested Troubleshooting page is there to help.

We love feedback! For questions, problems, or general feedback, please join us on Discord or reach out via