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Welcome, Cosmonaut!

Welcome to Cosmonic!

We're excited to have you here to imagine, create, and scale your applications beyond the cloud. The documentation here serves as a home for guides, tutorials, reference applications, and answers to common questions about Cosmonic. When you're ready to launch, you can check out our Quickstart guide for an introduction, or follow the in-UI tutorial that guides you through launching your first app.

After that, the User Guide gives an overview of how you can manage your resources on the different views in Cosmonic. Things to Build can serve as inspiration for some applications you could create, and Capabilities detail the first-party supported functionality that you can build apps with.

If you have any questions, the FAQ section and nested Troubleshooting page is there to help.

We love feedback! For questions, problems, or general feedback, please join us on Discord or reach out via


Heads up! Cosmonic is currently available as a Developer Preview. We are doing our best to keep everything stable so you can have a great experience. However, you should not run production workloads on the platform at this time. Your constellation state (including hosts, actors, and providers) may be reset without notice as we perform upgrades.