Welcome to cosmonic

Our mission is to revolutionize the way developers build, operate, and mantain distributed applications.

Over the last 20 years, new epochs of computing have risen to help developers and enterprises meet the challenges facing their organizations. As enterprises raced to digitize their businesses the virtual machine freed us from the constraints of a specific computer, and as orchestrated by the public cloud was adopted and scaled quickly. The container freed us from the constraints of a specific Linux environment and as orchestrated by Kubernetes has allowed us to execute workloads across multiple clouds.

However, today’s developers face new challenges - modern enterprises are now racing to digitize their entire ecosystems from the cloud to the edge. In doing so, enterprises and developers need to adopt a diverse ecosystem of CPUs, increase security, and build applications that can run everywhere - the cloud, browsers, the edge, and on an array of embedded platforms.

Cosmonic was created to help enterprises rapidly adopt, scale, execute, and operate distributed applications at scale. Compatible with modern Kubernetes and container-based ecosystems, it is not dependent upon them - with Cosmonic you can operate your applications from the cloud to the edge.

  • A stateless, immutable development model enables both dynamic and horizontal on-demand scaling.
  • Incredibly secure. WebAssembly’s sandboxed, deny-by-default capability model is enhanced through cryptographically enhanced provenance chains.
  • Performant and portable execution with your choice of either JIT’d or interpreted WebAssembly runtimes.
  • Lattice - a self-forming, self-healing mesh network provides a unified, flattened topology across any number of disparate environments, clouds, browsers, or hardware.