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Careers at Cosmonic

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Create A World Where Everyone Belongs

Cosmonic is built with the power of Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s wasmCloud. We believe our strength comes from our diverse and inclusive community. The best ideas emerge from the broadest consideration of ideas, use cases, and points of view.

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Why would you want to work at Cosmonic?

Cosmonic is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community. We are working hard to build a healthy and positive culture to enable our team to thrive.

Pay And Equity

Cosmonic offers competitive pay and equity incentivization in our company. We think everyone will think like an owner, when they are an owner.

Built With Open Source,
Built With Community

Cosmonic is committed to the long term success of our open ecosystems; a rising tide lifts all boats and we recognize that investing in open source communities such as wasmCloud will foster long term health and development.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cosmonic is on the forefront of technology. We love working on hard problems that matter to large groups of people. We aim for nothing less than to help usher in the next great epoch of computing technology.

Training And Personal
Development Investments

Cosmonic believes in fostering a culture of ongoing personal and career development. To that end, we fund ongoing education and provide paid time to pursue ongoing training.

Health Plans

Cosmonic offers a comprehensive health plan to our employees and their families. We believe that happy employees make for a great workplace.

Team And
Culture Investments

Cosmonic believes in ongoing and regular investments in our team and culture. To help bring our distributed team together we offer a variety of social activities for employees and often times their families as well.

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We are always looking for more people to join the team. If you think you can add to what we are building, fill in the form below and we'll be in touch if something fits!