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Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
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We Love Web Assembly (outside the browser)

Hybrid meetup hosted by Stuart Harris, co-founder, Red Badger on Wed., March 2, part of a series called “Wheel of Tech”

Guest presenters from Cosmonic included Brooks Townsend, lead software engineer, and Taylor Thomas, engineering director. Also presenting was Kostya Babanakov, enterprise solutions engineer, SingleStore UK and EMEA.

This event focused on why the use of WebAssembly server-side represents a major revolution in platform design as we move beyond the cloud as a destination. Coupled with products like wasmCloud and NATS, WebAssembly is creating a whole new paradigm for cloud native and eliminating entire classes of problems in the process.

What does the future of cloud-native platforms look like?

The cloud-native platforms of today are powerful, but significant challenges delivering distributed systems persist—including inadequate portability, difficult configuration, and vulnerabilities—that can bring development and operations teams to a grinding halt. The future of cloud-native platforms lies in the technology that can address these issues and take advantage of the wealth of tooling in the open source world today.

Why is WebAssembly the key to unlocking a world of potential?

WebAssembly offers a platform-agnostic, deny-by-default sandbox for executing code with near-native performance. In a world where applications are composed almost entirely of open source libraries, tight control over the security of third-party code is essential to prevent vulnerabilities. Using Wasm allows the developer to design applications for any platform, from the browser to the cloud to the edge, without investing countless hours in complex deployment and management strategies.

It’s clear WebAssembly's capabilities for software development, universal portability, and enhanced security are extensive. Presenters delved into topics like:

  • The use of WebAssembly to extend existing platforms and to build entirely new ones with increased quality and velocity of software engineering

  • Why leveraging WebAssembly to run code at the source of the data will make everyone **think differently about system architecture and software development. **SingleStore is one company using Wasm's portability and security to run as close to the data as possible.**

  • How to successfully implement a multi-cloud model that will please regulators and deliver truly resilient platforms

  • How WebAssembly helps developers create secure platforms by significantly reducing complexity while loosely coupling the use of open-source software with contained risk

The full meetup is available on YouTube

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