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Liam Randall
Liam Randall
Liam Randall
||2 min read

Welcoming Bailey Hayes as Our New Chief Technology Officer

From the early days of Cosmonic, Kevin and I embarked on this venture with a shared dream and an unwavering passion for innovation. As we've navigated the fast-paced and dynamic world of startups, we've continuously evaluated the best ways to harness the strengths of our team and achieve our collective vision. I’m excited to share some organizational news that I'm writing to share exciting news about some organizational shifts that Kevin and I believe will propel Cosmonic forward with even greater momentum.

Bailey Hayes has distinguished herself throughout the WebAssembly ecosystem as a patient, kind, and visionary leader. She currently serves as a director on the Bytecode Alliance (BA) Technical Steering Committee (TSC), and as the Developer representative to the Bytecode Alliance Board. She leads multiple workstreams and contributes to many others. She has a deep empathy for the developer experience and tries hard to bring out the best in all of those around her.

We are thrilled to announce that Bailey will be stepping into the role of Chief Technical Officer at Cosmonic. Both Kevin and I have the utmost confidence in her capabilities and are already excited to see the technological advancements Cosmonic will achieve under her guidance.

As for Kevin, his unmatched zeal for innovation and exploration is taking a new direction. While he has been instrumental as our CTO, he will now channel his passion and expertise as Cosmonic's Chief Innovation Officer. This role embodies Kevin’s dedication to pushing boundaries and ensuring that Cosmonic remains a pioneer in our industry. The entire Cosmonic product is built on WebAssembly and he is already hard at work on our event sourcing framework for WebAssembly, Concordance.

As for myself, I remain steadfast in my role as CEO, with an unwavering commitment to ensuring that our vision and mission continue to flourish.

In the ever-evolving landscape of startups, it's essential to emphasize that such changes are not just normal but necessary. They symbolize growth, adaptability, and an aligned vision. This decision wasn't made lightly, but Kevin and I genuinely believe it's the right move for Cosmonic's present and future.

I'm deeply grateful for the trust and support our community has shown us. These are exciting times for Cosmonic, and I invite you to join us on this renewed journey, confident that the best is yet to come.


Liam Randall

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