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Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
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Application View: Cosmonic Introduces Declarative Wasm Application Management

New to the Cosmonic PaaS, we’re introducing an easy-to-use UI for managing declarative Wasm applications. Just like the platform’s opinionated views for Logic and Infrastructure, the new Application View provides a user interface for interacting with Wadm applications defined using the Open Application Model (OAM). This view includes an in-UI YAML editor and YAML validation.

editor view

It also gives developers a preview of planned deployments, supports multiple versions and allows upgrades and rollbacks to older versions.

upgrades and rollbacks

Cosmonic’s investment in declarative Wasm applications starts in open source with the wasmCloud application deployment manager, aka wadm. Wadm can be deployed alongside a wasmCloud cluster to manage declarative applications. As a part of its open beta offering, Cosmonic is adding managed wadm infrastructure, which simplifies the developer experience. Users will simply be able to define their applications in a declarative manifest and Cosmonic will handle the deployment across any connected infrastructure. Developers can also manage applications using the latest version of the cosmo CLI (0.17.0) if they prefer working with a terminal.

cosmo app terminal view

Managing declarative applications with Cosmonic will feel much like interacting with the Kubernetes deployment API and offer a familiar experience for developers. Ultimately, despite the pain points that Kubernetes can bring, we’ve found that developers desire declarative deployments for their applications. Bringing the tools and methodologies that cloud native developers enjoy to Wasm applications is an overarching goal of Cosmonic, and wadm is the latest embodiment of that.

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