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Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
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Road to Chicago: Looking ahead to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA

Just a few days until we get together again with our cloud native peers and friends. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon starts next week and we couldn't be more excited. Don't forget to visit us at the Cosmonic booth M21 and stop by the CNCF wasmCloud booth in the Projects Pavilion. We're looking forward to seeing everyone!

Our Talks

🗓 KubeCon NA 2023 takes place 6 - 9 November. Catch our main conference talk:

Serving Backends like Frontends - Brooks Townsend, Cosmonic.

  • Join us Wednesday 8 Nov, 2:30pm - 3:05pm, Room W184

Content delivery networks (CDNs) drastically improve the performance, availability and reliability of delivering web content to users. With strategically placed distributed edge networks, they are designed to cache, load balance and respond to requests based on geographic affinity. CDNs work very well for frontends, but the wide variety of backend infrastructure, platform requirements and architecture setups would never work in a CDN. Until now. With WebAssembly (Wasm), cloud-native backends can be distributed and run just as easily as displaying static assets to frontend users. This talk will demonstrate how this platform-agnostic binary format can run polyglot backends in the cloud, on the edge, even in a web browser tab. Full of engaging demos, the talk will focus on wasmCloud, the CNCF application runtime, and how it combines the security and performance of Wasm, with the distributed network of NATS, to deliver a backend like CDNs deploy frontends.

🗓 Cloud Native Wasm Day 2023 (co-located KubeCon event) takes place on November 6. Catch our talks:

WebAssembly Component Model: Enhancing Security, Productivity, and Green Computing - Bailey Hayes (ByteCode Alliance TSC director and Cosmonic CTO) & Kate Goldenring (Fermyon Technologies, Inc).

  • Takes place Monday 6 Nov, 9:15am - 9:40am, Room W180

The WebAssembly component model enables linking dependencies of an application together as individual components. This not only isolates dependencies from one another at runtime but also creates a safer, faster, and greener story for handling common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). When CVEs occur for a library, all native and containerized applications that use that library must update it, resolve any shared dependencies, recompile, and rebuild. This takes engineering time and VM churn, as workflows are redeployed. With the component model, only the component with the vulnerability needs to be rebuilt and relinked. All other parts of the application are unchanged, saving time and compute energy. We will illustrate resolving a CVE for an application that is containerized versus one built in WebAssembly using the component model. Attendees will see how security and developer productivity increases and software carbon intensity of applications decreases with Wasm components.

Orchestrating Wasm: Reconciliation Loops Aren't Owned by Kubernetes - Taylor Thomas and Dan Norris, Cosmonic

  • Takes place Monday 6 Nov, 3:15pm - 3:40pm, Room W180

In all the excitement surrounding Wasm, it is easy to gloss over how tricky it is to run applications across distributed environments. Join Dan and Taylor, two Kubernetes veterans, as they reveal why and how the CNCF wasmCloud community built the wasmCloud Application Deployment Manager (or Wadm). Through engaging code and exciting demos, this highly technical talk will cover how Wadm orchestrates hundreds of applications, composed of many Wasm components, running in different geographical regions and heterogeneous compute environments. They will also talk about what ideas the team took from common tools, like Kubernetes and Nomad, the pitfalls they encountered, and how they avoided them. Finally, Taylor and Dan will give us a glimpse of a future where, not only is Wadm orchestrating Wasm, but it is actually using Wasm to add support for customer schedulers.

We'll also be at 🗓 CiliumCon on November 6. Catch our talk:

Netreap: Bridging the Gap Between Cilium and Nomad - Dan Norris, Cosmonic

  • Takes place Monday 6 Nov, 5pm - 5:25pm, Room W179ab

Cilium is one of the best ways to manage network policies and secure workloads running in a Kubernetes cluster. As a CNI, it provides everything you would want and more! The only problem is what do you do if you want to run Cilium but are not running Kubernetes? In this talk we will outline the steps we took to deploy and run Cilium in our Nomad clusters alongside the rest of our infrastructure. We'll dive into what it took to replace Cilium's operator component with Netreap, an open source tool that bridges Cilium and Nomad. Along the way we'll discuss Cilium's endpoint and labeling model along with some of the lower level APIs that power Cilium. To conclude, we'll go though some of the limitations of our approach and outline some ways that we can make Cilium better for everyone.

Join us for the Wasm Social! Hosted by the WebAssembly Community Meetup groups, with representatives from around the world, this is a great opportunity to rewind after a full day! A short walk from the KubeCon/Cloud Native Wasm Day convention center, the Wasm Social will take place at the Vu Rooftop Bar @ 133 East Cermak Road, between 8pm and 10pm.

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