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Dan Norris
Dan Norris
Dan Norris
||3 min read

  • Netreap takes Cilium beyond Kubernetes – open source and operational in Nomad
  • Remedies Kubernetes edge trials – Nomad + Cilium create ideal conditions for Wasm at the edge

ARLINGTON, Virginia. May 23, 2023. Cosmonic, creator of the Cosmonic WebAssembly (Wasm) PaaS and active contributor to CNCF sandbox project wasmCloud, has open sourced Netreap, an application designed to allow the deployment of Cilium as a container network interface (CNI), outside of Kubernetes, in HashiCorp Nomad workloads. The move brings Isovalent Cilium (a CNCF incubation project) together with Nomad to create the ideal toolset for running WebAssembly (Wasm) applications in multiple clouds, on bare metal and on the smallest devices at the far network edge.

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