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Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
Brooks Townsend
||19 min read

After a week spent in the company of WebAssembly (Wasm) experts and enthusiasts, we've come away from the Linux Foundation's inaugural WasmCon with one conclusion - WebAssembly is capturing developer imagination in all sorts of industries. As the Bytecode Alliance and W3C Wasm Working Group release the latest stable iteration of Wasm standards - WASI-preview 2.

  • A few major themes came through during the event. By far, the WebAssembly Component Model dominated conversations with many looking to understand how it works and how close components are to stabilization. Language interoperability was also front of mind, and there was lots of fresh innovation on show: from Siemens' use of Wasm in embedded systems to fresh demos showing componentize-py in action.

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